Guided tours the Netherlands

“Explore the Netherlands with a local certified Guidor guide with ExpatEyes”

Get to know the Netherlands!

Are you spending some time in the Netherlands and want to make the most of it? Get to know the country better: go beyond usual hotspots with a local guide. The Netherlands may be small but there is so much to explore! Whether you are a group of students, a family with children, or employees in a company:  Dutch culture is there for you!

Listen to our Dutch stories  about water management,  landscape, history, politics, the Royal House,  art, customs, people and get an answer to your questions: it’s your guided tour, so you decide.

I invite you to have a glance at the guided tours  I suggest: I start by presenting the “Big Five”.  Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Leiden and Delft. Apart from those I recommend a few more!

If you bring a large group, more enthousiastic qualified guides in my network can join.

You may walk,  bring your Dutch bike or your bus: anything goes:  I would be delighted to talk about what makes our country unique, in short to look at my own country with you  through  ‘Expat Eyes’!

About me

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to our country!

I love languages, storytelling and hospitality: this adds up to be a guide.

After  my  university graduation in translation studies,   I traveled the world as a KLM hostess, I worked for a large company to organize tours for prospects and clients and  I had the opportunity to live abroad with my family for several years.  When I came back  to  my own country I  happened to see it through different eyes, the eyes of an expat.  I got to appreciate the country, our history and customs even more than before and at the same time realized how interesting it is to compare to other countries. The idea grew to share our Dutch stories with others. I got my professional certification as a Guide for Guidor,  member of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations and the European Guide Organization FEG. From 2008 I work as an independant guide.

You can be sure your visit will be an interesting and unforgettable experience.

Guided tours the Netherlands

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