Novi Sad – Home Of Serbia’s Largest Communal Washroom – AKA Novi Sad Petroland Waterpark

Cleaner Than Petroland

I’ll preface this with saying that while I do not have solid evidence, I’m pretty confident in concluding that adults at Novi Sad Petroland Aquapark have taken special liberties normally reserved for young children: peeing (or worse) in the pool. Maybe this isn’t usually the case. Maybe this is an exception. Maybe this has only ever happened once, when we happened to visit, on the hottest day of the year.

But I think not.

It was a whopping 42c in Novi Sad today, so we decided to take the girls to a large outdoor waterpark about an hour from Belgrade. We figured we’d arrive early and leave early, try our best to avoid the hottest portion of the day.  We arrived shortly after the pool opened, the water was mostly blue. (I can’t believe I have to say it like that, but it’s true.) We floated along the lazy river a few times and, within maybe 20 or 30 minutes, the influx of people trying to escape the heat seemed to  overload the facility’s housekeeping capacity. The water got dirtier, greyer, greener, slimier by the minute. Sure, there were foot washes and showers – if people used them – but there was also grass and dirt. There must have been 500 people there today, or more, but the restrooms were almost always empty. And clean . No wet toilet seats. No wet floors?  Why? Because there were no wet swimsuits in them. Maybe the heat evaporated the water right off their bodies during the walk from the pool to the restroom.  All 40 feet of that walk. (Like a marathon, really.) Or maybe the staff did such a great job of cleaning them that they deserve trophies. Or maybe….

Maybe the officials from Niagra opted for a less touristy route with which to dump their questionable sludge and ship it to Petroland in Novi Sad.  The water had a beautiful, brown-green hue. Any body part below the surface immediately vanished. The pool at the Sports Centar in Bor was infinitely cleaner than this one.

I couldn’t do it.  Hot or not, I didn’t want my girls to be swimming in that water. Was so thick you could stick a fork in it – and it might stand up straight. When the blue ran out, so did our family….straight to the car.




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