School, Cats, And Africa

It’s been a while since my last post, the heat wave keeping us more or less inside. While it’s nowhere near as hot as it was a week ago, it’s still 32-35°C until Saturday so we’re still feeling it. Bekah actually wished for snow the other day and, as much as I love the heat, I’m right there with her. I miss Canadian weather and I want snow….in August.

We’re back in Belgrade, trying to get the girls back into their school routines. They have their school orientation on Friday and they start school on Monday.  They’ve been tied to me for months and while I’m really looking forward to a little more “me” time,  I know that a few days after they start I’ll want them back full time because I’ll miss them too much.  On that note, before we did the big move, I did quite a bit of research and almost all blogs and articles warned of loneliness and isolation for the spouse that isn’t working. I’m an extremely social person, I need to be around people and, with the school year yet to start, I haven’t met any other English speaking local moms to clutch onto.  I’m attempting to find a local gym so I can meet some people who will whisper words of English encouragement when I collapse on the floor after the warm up.

On the school note, the girls are both excited and nervous, which we expected, but I think they’ll be happy when they finally meet some friends. The school year is broken up a lot more than in Canada – they get a week off in October, 3 weeks at Christmas, 8 days in February, 8 days in April, 3 or 4 in May, and are done June 15.  We plan to fit a lot of travelling in, of course.

I’ll leave you with some random info until our next rendezvous:

  • All of the bottled water that we’ve seen is fluoridated. We’re not sure about the tap water.

    We discovered an African Museum of Artifacts in our area yesterday. The girls and I explored it and found it filled with articles and communications from two former Yugoslavian journalists who spent 20 years in Africa. Very interesting.

  • Our friendly neighborhood stray, Mitsa, looked near neath when we returned from Bor. We took her back to the vet for some shots and she seems to be doing a bit better. She’s very skinny and you can feel her bones when we pet her so we’re doing our best to fatten her up. She knows she can come here for as much food as she wants so she’s been staying in our little back yard. We’re planning to get her a little dog house for the colder months because she would not do well with our indoor cats.

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