Serbian VS. Sarnian Dental

I haven’t been able to eat without serious pain for about 2 months. Until yesterday.

Let me start at the beginning. As we were preparing for our trip overseas, I scheduled doctor and dentist appointments for everyone in the family.  My dentist, Family Dental in Sarnia, said that I needed to replace two old cavities.  I underwent the minor procedure in the office in Sarnia and, two days later, I had a lot of pain in the areas the dentist worked on. I called the office and I was assured it was normal and to call back in a few more days if I was still experiencing pain. A week later, I was back in the office and, after a quick peek in my mouth, the dentist said that they needed to resurface the cavities because the areas I was experiencing pain in were simply high spots that needed to be filed down a bit. They filed, I left.  I continued to experience pain so I went back. They filed some more saying, again, that it was simply high spots on my teeth. No x-rays were done, nothing. A week after this and I was still in a lot of pain, so I went back. This time, I had a new dentist as the one that worked on me wasn’t available. This new dentist filed my teeth (again!), and said if that didn’t work, then it was an issue with my teeth, not their work.  This, of course, when I had never experienced tooth pain until the office worked on my teeth, and only experienced pain where they worked on my teeth. This new dentist told me (get this), not to come back if I was experiencing pain because this was “the last time” they were going to fix my teeth.

This “last time” was a few days before we had to leave for Serbia. In the middle of the move and all the craziness that went along with it, I didn’t have time to find a new dentist to fix my teeth and, somehow, I trusted my old dental office to care for me properly. I figured that maybe my teeth were just sensitive because I had “high spots” for so long and that it would get better as time went on.

It didn’t.

Since we’ve been in Serbia, I have not been able to properly eat anything but softer foods.  I had to eat harder foods at the very back or very front of my mouth. And if I got some tiny seed (normally raspberry) stuck in the sensitive areas? Well, lets say it nearly brought me to my knees.

My first dentist in Sarnia changed offices about a year into our stay and we didn’t think to change because my girls were so comfortable where we were and, with both girls being 3 years younger then, their comfort was very important to us. When we go back to Sarnia, even if the office is full, I’m willing to throw myself at the office door and beg our old dentist to take our pitiful selves back.

Now for the Serbian dentist.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed with dental services in Serbia, wasn’t sure who to trust. Thankfully, our landlord in Belgrade (Predrag) is a dentist. (Yaaaayyy!) He’s close to retirement so he referred me to an office downtown that he was very familiar with. He even picked us up and brought me to my appointment yesterday. Nice guy.

Let me say that I LOVE dentists. I love the feeling of leaving with a sparkly clean mouth. This time, however, I’d been in so much pain for so long that I was quite terrified. My heart actually raced when I sat in the seat.  Our new dentist in Serbia took some x-rays and looked in my mouth. Almost immediately, she said, “those fillings are nearly transparent” and that there wasn’t enough filler (whatever that means). I was basically biting on uncovered, unprotected areas of my teeth. (I’m not a dentist, but this is the idea of what she told me.)

Not to point fingers, but she also said, “filling cavities is an art. You have to do it just right. I have seen this (the damage to my mouth) before, but only with younger, less experienced dentists.” Hmmm.

Long story short, I actually ate almonds today. After prepping myself for the usual pain that I’ve been experiencing, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that there was no pain at all. Finally.

On another note, the entire experience in the Serbian dental office (fillings, drilling, needles, x-rays, etc) cost $70 Canadian. That’s it. BEFORE insurance.

Serbian dental. Now I know.

Woman Toothache Pain

Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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