Broken Ankle + First Day Of School

School started this morning and, me being me, I had such an idealistic plan of how everything was going to go last night. We were going to spend a lovely family day with the girls, have a healthy dinner at the restaurant down the hill, watch a movie at home, read them a bedtime story, and have them tucked in so they are sleeping by 9:00 p.m. Wonderful.

Of course, it didn’t go that way.

Our neighbors returned from Greece yesterday with their three boys, two of which are Rebekah and Laura’s age. The kids were having fun playing with them, having really only spent their summer with their super cool mom, so they were enjoying the company of other kids. They were building a fort, a restaurant,  and we had to rain on their construction party when we told them we needed to go to the mall to pick up the smoke detectors we ordered. (This is a special item in Serbia, no residences have smoke alarms.)  The girls whined and the boys really wanted the girls to stay so our neighbor offered to watch them while we went to the mall, 10 minutes away.  We politely declined, then the kids put up a united front so we reluctantly allowed them to stay and play.

We were back home in about 35 minutes and saw Laura in tears. She had tripped over a kickstand and hurt her ankle. The same one she broke in April, only 4 months prior.  Our neighbor was very apologetic (not her fault) and they had been icing Laura’s ankle to ease the swelling and pain. We took her inside and iced her ankle for another 2 hours but she still had a lot of pain and couldn’t put weight on it. Chris called the hospital and we were told the orthopedic surgeon would meet with us at 8pm.

We arrive at the hospital, a beautiful cream-colored building with high archways and curving stairways (beside the elevators, naturally). The room smelled like roses, spa-like, but there were no flowers in sight. Frank Sinatra was playing through the sound system and there was complimentary cappuccino, lattes, and water, flavored or plain. The doctor was part comedian, part medical hero as he talked to us, examined her foot and the x-rays, and put a cast on her ankle. He was with us for the duration of our visit, approximately an hour and a half.  The hospital, however, was unable to find crutches small enough to fit Laura.  Chris got 2 of the smallest sets he could find, but they are still too big so he’s going to get some tools and cut them down this evening. Chris can pretty much do everything. (I love this about him……he’s the perfect companion during pretty much any event. Electric, mechanical, construction, technical anything. He’s your guy. Apocalypse, no problem. I’m along for the ride, and my clumsiness drives him nuts, but he’s stuck with me. Ha ha, sucker!)

Back to last night.

We drive home and notice the power is out. Driving in Serbia is hazardous even on the best day, but remove all of the traffic lights and it pretty much felt like the apocalypse. Let’s say I have a few more grey hairs to add to the half-dozen on top of my head. (Yes, 6. But it’s 6!!!!!)

We get home at about 10:30pm, much too late when the first day of school is the next day, find the flashlights, give the girls a quick snack and they are sleeping by 11pm. Not so great when they had to be up just before 7am this morning. They are going to be super tired today, but they were very excited to see their new friends again.

So, here I am, alone on the first day of school. House is getting a thorough deep-clean today and the girls have been craving homemade pumpkin pie so I just roasted the pumpkin. My favorite recipe calls for evaporated milk but I haven’t been able to find any here so it’s DIY and made my own.  I’ll let you know how it turns out. I also finally found cheddar cheese so it’s perogy-making day, too. Might read a book, who knows. Feel free to message me and keep this lonely Canadian busy. 🙂


Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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