Shoeless Bedhead Gets Locked Out

It was one of those mornings. Chris left for Bor and I took the girls to school, went for a walk, and came home to take a nap. This is very unusual for me because I nap only once or twice a year. I find if I nap, I can’t sleep at night so I don’t do it. Last night, however, I had a very rough sleep.  I’ve had some pretty serious pain in  my jaw ever since my dental appointment here and am unable to open my mouth more than about a centimeter.  I’m pretty sure I have an infection, so I emailed the dentist last night and am waiting to hear back.

Back to the nap. I slept for about an hour and woke up when IKEA called. We ordered a bunk bed for the girls and delivery was scheduled for today. The delivery man said they would arrive in about 10 minutes so I got up and went outside to make sure the driveway was clear of toys so the delivery truck could come right in. Hair askew, I went outside and pulled the door closed so the cats wouldn’t get out. Somehow, the key in the door turned when I pulled it shut and locked itself.

I’ll explain. Like most doors in Serbia, there is no simple latch that you turn to lock or unlock a door. Keys do all the work. Keys are typically left in the inside doors, in the lock position, so if you ever needed to get out in a hurry (ie. fire), you can unlock the door quickly and get outside. If the door is locked and the key is not in the lock, you have to search for the key and put it in the lock in order to get outside. We’ve unlocked the girls’ rooms and put the keys away so they are always unlocked otherwise they could accidentally lock themselves in and may not be able to get out. The locks are very tricky.

So there I was, locked out of my own house, with nap head, in my socks, without my phone. Thankfully, my neighbors were home and welcomed me inside. My neighbor, Alex, tried to get the door open but was unsuccessful. In the meantime, IKEA was en route.  This was critical for me because they were going to bring the bed to the third level and, with Chris in Bor and the assembly scheduled for tomorrow, if IKEA couldn’t get into the house I’d have to bring the boxes upstairs by myself.

I had coffee while Alex called a locksmith and, from the balcony, I saw that IKEA had just arrived. They called me 5 times, apparently, but my phone was locked in the house so I had no idea. In Serbian, Alex told them to bring the items to my backyard, on the second level. This saves me at least a little bit of work.  I’m sure he would help me bring the items one more level if I asked, but I’m Canadian, so I really don’t want to bother. I’ll figure it out.

Twenty minutes later, the locksmith arrived and had my door open in less than a minute. $40 later, still with bedhead and dirtier socks, I finally got inside. Here I am, flattening and stuffing perogies into my sore mouth because I have to eat something, so it might as well be perogies, thinking I should do my hair before I go to the dentist. In case I end up locked out again. Happy Tuesday to me. (At least I was wearing clothes and it wasn’t raining, right?)


Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

2 thoughts on “Shoeless Bedhead Gets Locked Out”

  1. you should write a book…..this is hilarious. looks like locksmith are the most expensive things in Serbia….lol I think A&W lock in Sarnia, is 25.


  2. Lol oh Shauna!! Love reading your updates. Some of the stuff you write about ie locks, dinners, food etc reminds me so much of Italy!!! Hope you feel better as well as Laura! Xo


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