Nuts Welcome!

Ok, so I’m not just talking about me. Yes, I am a little nutty most days, but I’m talking about the honest to goodness, can-it-get-any-better, shelled variety.  Almost a full week into the school year, I’m used to getting a seriously worded letter addressed to all parents prohibiting nuts, or even fake nuts (Wow Butter, a soy-based peanut-free substitute) at school by now. This did not come, so I wondered. After carrying Laura to school yet again, I found and asked the principal if nuts are allowed. “Yes,” he said, easily. I inquired about potential allergies and I think the look on my face must have been as if I had just witnessed a miracle. He smiled reassuringly and said there are no restrictions at all, that there are 2 students with allergies but they know what to do and how to protect themselves and that they carry Epi Pens.  I’m still in shock. I have friends with children who have some pretty bad allergies and I think this would cause some pretty tremendous stress for them. For me, I can admit that I will feel guilty the very first time I send my kids to school with nuts, but I will also do it joyously, SO excited to give my kids another healthy snack option.  I’m teetering on this one, because nuts being potential killers has been ingrained into most Canadian parents, but I’m thinking this is a European thing, as nuts are everywhere here. EVERYWHERE. I admit, I like it and it will be hard to restrict the girls again when we return to Canada.

On another note, I’m fully envious of Serbian women’s hair. Almost all Serbian women, almost all European women (German, Italian, French…) have AMAZING hair. They look like they’ve all returned from soap opera sets or have had the most amazing sex ever. (I’m going with the latter.) Or, a third theory is that they have all gotten their ovaries massaged.

It happened again.

With my jaw locked up from the unfortunate dentist appointment last week, I booked another massage yesterday, to help loosen the muscles around my jaw and neck. (It feels better.) Long story short, like the masseuse in Bor, the woman massaging me yesterday also massaged my stomach, paying particular attention to my Fallopian tubes and ovaries. Um? Serbs? Europeans? Please explain this one to me. Is this how you get such great hair? Do you rub your egg cartons until lustrous, Aphrodite hair spills down your slender backs? There might be something to this….

If I don’t return to Canada with the hair of a goddess, I will be sorely disappointed.

Me….a happy nut.



Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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