Bank Daft…

I can never go to my local bank again. I have to be the most air-headed, dimwitted person alive. It all began like this…

On Tuesday, I dropped the girls off at school and proceeded on my normal walk as always, snagging a latte at my usual spot on the way.  About a block up from the cafe, I went to an ATM to grab some money so I could give some spending money to Bekah for her trip this week. First, I used my Canadian card with my Serbian pin number. Obviously, that didn’t work. (I should have stopped there.) Then, I used my Serbian card with my Serbian pin.  Should have worked, right? Nope. The screen read, “please take your money”, and I waited and waited and waited while it counted money, but it didn’t give me any money. In my confusion, I believed that my card had been swallowed as well. So I go into the bank that belongs to the machine and proceed to tell them that my card has been swallowed and it took my money.  They bring me to the back office and we get Chris on the phone, where they explain that he had to request the card in person, in Belgrade, because his name was on the card. Only he can’t go to the bank for a few more days.  Calls and emails ensue from Chris to both banks (ours and the one belonging to the ATM), and Chris brings me along to pick the card up today.

They didn’t find the card in the machine.

I was stunned. Of course it was in the machine! The cashier suggested I check my wallet and I actually laughed at the suggestion.

Then I checked my wallet.

I don’t think Chris could have been more calm. Inside, I knew he was boiling, frustrated at yet another time that I forgot or misplaced something. 13 years of absent-mindedness and he’s still with me.  Poor guy. If he were a drinker, I’m sure he’d be cozied up at a bar somewhere right now, or just pop a brew from one of the corner vendors. I know I would.  But he was calmer than I expected. I’m literally so embarrassed that I want to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich. The look on the cashier’s face when I pulled the card out of my wallet……priceless.

In my defense (I always need a good defense), I did not get the money I requested from the ATM even though it said “please take your money”, so I’m thinking that it confused me when I didn’t get the cash. I obviously confuse easily. I should walk around with a cone around my neck and maybe a sign on my back.

I’ve always been book smart. I love school and it always came easily to me. But practicality? The ability to stay upright without tripping over my own feet or walking into a wall? Short-term memory? Pretty much all of this eludes me. Is there a course for this somewhere? I’d love to take Memory and Balance 101…..until I forget that I had a class to attend….

Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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