Burning Crossfit Pie & Honey Squat

Did you know that apple pie goes with CrossFit? I just figured out that it does. That is to say, after running behind some very toned women, nearly keeling over during the warm up, realizing I’ve lost my power lifting abilities of yesteryear (23 years ago), squatting (incorrectly) like I’m trying to avoid a dirty toilet seat, my face contorted like I’m deep in……concentration, and realizing just how out of shape I am…..apple pie made it all better. It’s homemade, so it’s totally healthy….er…um…yup.

This was my morning. As the day progresses, I’m finding I’m a wee bit sore, but not horribly. We’ll see what happens after my workout tomorrow.  I still have more pie, and while I know it shouldn’t be my go to after a workout, it’s like a nice, sugary, internal hug ….that completely negates my hard work. But until that pie plate is empty and I’m relegated to egg whites and kale/swiss chard/celery concoctions, I’m doing it.

I have to admit….this pie is not my best one. It’s quite tart because I made it with granny smith apples and the crust is ok. It’s just ok because, truthfully, I have no idea if I made it with butter or margarine or goat cheese or some greasy remnants from a morning sausage fry, blocked to look like butter. This is because I ordered groceries online. (Say it isn’t so!)

My friends back home are thrilled with the idea that Superstore has recently started a pick-up service where you can order online and pick up your groceries at a specified time at the store. They bring it right to your car in the delivery area. I’m a weirdo, but I’ve always LOVED grocery shopping. I love seeing, feeling, and smelling all the fresh produce and grains and meats and cheeses. My problem has always been that I’ll go in for milk, and come out with $200 worth of other items for new recipes or for canning, batch cooking, or generally for the hoards of people I plan to feed. Shopping online, with free grocery delivery to my house, means that I’m less inclined to get the spontaneous items I normally get hooked into buying.  Chris will love this.

Since I’m not yet brave enough to drive on my own here and am taking taxis everywhere, I see the value in having the groceries delivered right into my kitchen. I ordered about $100 of groceries at Maxi and chose my delivery date, 2 days later. The next day, they called to confirm my order.  He spoke very little English, so I only understood a few of the items. The next day, yesterday, I received $70 worth of what I ordered; a lot of fruit and vegetables and a ton of cat food (for all the strays), no milk or bread.  Most of the fruit was good but some was moldy or rotten, I’m not even sure how they could have brought it to my house. The butter, or what I thought was butter, that I used for the pie had a smell to it. Not bad, but different, and I’m still not sure what was in it.  Overall, I’m ok if they forget some items or give me a few pieces of spoiled fruit. It saved me a ton of work and it was much easier to navigate the website than the aisles because I could easily translate each page with just a simple click.

Speaking of translating…..

I’ll leave you with a picture of a bakery website. You’ll see for yourself how things can get lost in translation, or, and I think this is more likely given some of the translations I’ve seen, someone somewhere is messing with the translations. See for yourself.  I’m not sure the kids at the birthday party would like either of these flavors….


Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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