That time when I carried a 15 lb turkey up the hill in the rain….

I love this time of year. I love the rain and the chilly dampness of the day, the cooler winds that are a call for everything warm and snuggly.  My pajamas are ready and I am ready to melt into them with a good book. I even get to snuggle Chris a bit more because he won’t be so hot, he’ll be just perfect and won’t quite mind my chilly feet on his legs. A month from now when I turn into an icicle and my skin gets deathly cold, he won’t like it as much,  but he’ll dutifully let me warm up against him. (Good hubby….gooooood hubby..)  This weekend, we’ll be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving early. We’re quite busy over the next few weekends before we leave for Paris so I ordered a turkey. A lovely expat told me to go to the local butcher shop to order one and I did.  Unlike in Canada or the US, turkeys don’t seem to be commonplace in Serbia this time of year.  You have to hunt them out, commercially, unless you’re talented enough to snipe one of the wild turkeys we see roaming in the greener areas. Mine came in an open bag.  It wasn’t wrapped with plastic nor were it’s legs tied neatly together. I’m not even sure it’s gutted but it is headless and featherless so I think I’ll figure it out. It’s so fresh I’m wondering if it was in someone’s backyard. We have a 15 pound bird for the 4 of us, 2 of which are children, so we are hoping the company we invited for dinner show up and eat like savages.

Homemade pumpkin pie will also be on the menu and, of course, perogies. I wouldn’t be a good Ukrainian without them. It’s times like this, though, that I miss our friends and family in Canada. Thanksgiving or not, we would regularly host little feasts and have our friends over for dinner — sometimes planned, sometimes at the spur of the moment. I miss that.

I’ll leave you with some of this and some of that. Really good bathroom reading.

-Once I get on Canadian soil, I’m going to run to the nearest Tim Hortons, grab the fullest pot of coffee they have, and chug it like I’m in university. I like it piping, stupid hot, so I’m sure I’ll survive. (Wait….I am in university again. Weird.)

-My three favorite foods are: cilantro, watermelon, and Stove Top Stuffing. I can eat all three for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  I say this because I have to make stuffing from scratch this weekend. I’ve done it before but my favorite is the boxed kind. I know it’s strange from a person who likes to cook from scratch, but that stuff is the BEST. Tip:  use it in your burgers or meatloaf instead of breadcrumbs.  Yum!  #sendstovetopstuffing

-Although I know it’s quite commercial, I miss pumpkin spice everything being shoved down my throat this time of year. I love the muffins, breads, teas and coffees. I even had a stew once with cinnamon and pumpkin in it and it was fabulous.

coffee chug
Get your cameras out. It’s going to look something like this…

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