Food Mafia. It’s a thing.

I won the lottery today! (Sort of.)

Never underestimate the power of social media. (Yes, pictures of last night’s dinner CAN change the world.) Yesterday, I told you how much I love Stove Top Stuffing. While I wouldn’t necessarily bathe in it (crumbs would be everywhere), the smell is like ambrosia to me. The taste? Even better. So little old me walks my lovely ladies to school today and the principal says, “I’ve got something for you.” I honestly thought it was a confirmation of a fax the school office had tried to send to my university in Alberta yesterday. Nope. I follow the principal on Twitter (@ISBLSPrincipal) and he follows my blog posts. He handed me a bag. I opened it up, the contents glowing with light.  In that instant, angels sang, and @ISBLSPrincipal was my hero.  He brought me STOVE TOP STUFFING and PUMPKIN SPICE! This, I thought, is a man who knows how to get things. Kind of like a food mafia kingpin.  Early Thanksgiving is saved! But now the question is….do I share it with my family? Sure, I love Chris and the girls more than life itself. I would throw myself in front of a car for any of them. But do I love them enough to share this boxed delight? I’ll let you know if Chris goes to work on Monday with fork marks on him….

After winning the food lottery this morning, I proceeded onto my first zumba class. I finally feel well enough to work out again and while I like crossfit and will continue to go at least once or twice a week, zumba is my third baby. I love it. I have so much fun dancing, “I’ve got this” and “I’m so sexy” rotating through my head. Then I look in the mirror and the inner conversation morphs into “what the hell am I doing” and “I hope nobody saw that” and “I look like a goof“.  But as I near 40, I’m finding that it’s more important for my workouts to be fun than super productive.

Lastly, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time familiarizing myself with my writing course that begins in just 10 days. My understanding is that the workload for the first term is quite heavy and has previously led to students dropping out.  Maybe it’s because I’m older, but this doesn’t scare me like it would have 20 years ago. Now, it’s more like a challenge. Watch me, I think.   Nose down, feet planted, fingers crossed… 

Coveted catch. The elusive Stove Top Stuffing in all its glory…

Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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