Vegemite Wap or Fetty Down Under

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back at it again.

I started school full time a week ago and it has kept me quite busy. Lots of work, but there’s no growth in dormancy, I suppose. I’m also helping the girls’ school with a Halloween event and Laura’s birthday party is tomorrow, so I’m a wee bit frantic with everything.  Of course, when I called the cake company to confirm the cake was still coming tomorrow, they hung up on me because I couldn’t speak Serbian.  You’d think I’d get used to this, but nope. I’m not sure I ever will. Chris got his amazing Serbian friend to call and confirm everything for us. Thank God for him.

I have to start my homework, but I’ll leave you with a bit of this and that:

-We’ve started feeding 5 more strays and often look out into our backyard to find new cats, even small kittens, patiently waiting for food and a good head scratch.

-I have decided I want to leave Europe with either a French or Australian accent, likely not going to happen, but I can always hope. (And, YES, I quickly dropped Down Under by Men at Work to the Aussies I met, because they obviously haven’t heard that EVER before.  I am planning to try Vegemite, Australian nectar of the gods, sometime soon…..)

-CrossFit is not fun. That’s all I have on this subject.

-The girls love their piano teacher here. She’s teaching them funky young tunes and the girls actually asked us to extend their lessons.  They also want to practice here, so we bought a piano and the smallest speaker/microphone setup we could find, which is not actually small and we could likely rent it out to concert venues. Basically, we have an overly loud set up. Chris won’t admit this, but he loves karaoke and he’s really good at it. (I suck.) Bex was at first too shy to sing in front of us until I told her that Daddy LOVES to sing and that he’d love to sing for them.  I almost died when he belted out Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen, substituting questionable lyrics with cat poetry.  (There was a LOT, but Chris turned it into something like “the cats want pate” or “scoop my litter box” and “don’t feed the strays, save the food for me”.) Seriously, best family moment ever.

I just had a thought……wouldn’t it be cool for Fetty Wap to cover a Men at Work song? I’d love to see that. I need to find a way to make this request go viral. Maybe tempt him with Vegemite?


Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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