Car Failure

Maybe I’m not meant to drive.

My car just arrived and I excitedly signed the paperwork. I go to pay for it and, surprise, surprise, the guy’s credit card machine stops working. I intentionally had it delivered to the house because I did not want to drive through the city to get it.  Mobile credit/debit machines are common in Canada but I haven’t seen them much here.  I was quite surprised that I could pay at the door.

Turns out, I can’t.  The guy, let’s call him Mr. Hertz, asks, “are you sure you have money?” This, after I call the credit card company to see if my card has been flagged again. (Our cards get flagged all the time in Serbia.) The credit card company says there is no record of a transaction attempt and that the machine is not communicating with them, that Hertz’s machine is broken. The guy doesn’t believe me. Even when my card sits in the end of his machine for nearly ten minutes waiting for any sort of approval response. He swipes my card multiple times. I cringe a little, but MC’s security system is brilliant and they have assured me nothing is occurring on their end.

So, I sent the car back. Not sure if I’ll attempt again before Christmas. Too frustrated. I am now calling a taxi yet again so I can get groceries… (Insert expletive….here…and here….and here….and here…..and here…)


Author: S.L.Luck

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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