Kitchen Swimming – It’s A Thing

Remember my Superman in Senjak? The dentist-by-trade who believes he is an expert plumber/electrician/fill-in-the-blank?  Well, I woke up to another flood in my kitchen this morning. It wasn’t the worst we’ve had in the last 2 weeks, but it took 8 bath towels to soak up the mess. I’m actually thinking of starting a new thing: kitchen swimming.  Maybe, just maybe, if turn on all the lights, blast the heat, throw on a bikini and sunglasses, and use one of my landlord’s chairs as a lounger, I’ll feel like I’m at the beach. I could even mix a pina colada or rum punch and pretend I’m sunning it in Jamaica. I can dip my toes in the water and relax to the sound of the waterfall under my sink… (#kitchenswimmingisathing)

But then I’ll open my eyes and remember I’m in Belgrade, in my kitchen.  In an hour, we’ll have the circus here again to fix the problem…again.

What else can I tell you today…we took Bekah to see a doctor yesterday because she’s been sick for over 2 months and just isn’t getting better. She’s not horrible but still has a cough and she’s super pale and lethargic. She had her blood drawn yesterday and nearly fainted at the reception desk. I was paying our bill when the receptionist rushed behind me to catch her, and I hadn’t realized she was going down.  She was a trooper, though. Even when they missed her vein on the first arm and had to poke her a second time.  There were a few tears and my heart broke for her but we came home and cuddled for the rest of the day. Homemade soup and warm blankets made the world good again.

Back at school today, a delivery of pastries to both classes from one of the best bakeries (pekaras) in Senjak was in order. I can’t be there during the school day, but I figure a baked treat is (almost) as good as a hug from Mom. Me, I’m determined to eat a bit more fruit and veggies after the debauchery during the holidays. The holiday puff is not quite gone yet but I figure I’m cleaning my floors often enough to work it off soon enough.


Behold the white ceramic sands of Lupaschuk Island…

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