General agreements

Reservation  only through contact form.
Make your reservation or enquiry through the online contact form.

For all tours you will receive a confirmation by email.

The person who makes the reservation is responsable for booking and thus for the payment of the tour. The general agreements apply for the whole group.

Program subject to change
If by any means the program should be altered changes to the content can be made by us.

After reservation you receive a confirmation and bill, stating when the tour should be paid for: this will be before the tour starts. If no payment is received, see ‘cancellation by the client’.

Scheduled start of the tour
The tour will start as scheduled.  Please inform the guide of any delay. Unfortunately the guide will not be able to extend the tour in this case. You will not get a refund for lost time.

Age of participants
If participants are under 18 yrs. at least one tourleader wil be responsible for the group and will be present during the whole tour.

Cancellation by the client
If you need to cancel the tour, email us asap. Only emails are considered as cancellations, not phone calls.

  1. It is possible to cancel the tour to and including 8 days before commencement of the tour without any costs.
  2. In case of cancellation within a period of seven days and up to 48 hours before commencement of the tour, 50 % of the agreed guiding fee will be charged.
  3. In case of cancellation within a period of 48 hours prior to commencement of the tour and in case of of a “no-show”, 100% of the agreed fee will be charged.

Cancellation by us
If we cancel the tour and do not provide for a substitute guide the paid amount will be refunded. We are not liable for any other costs that might be a result from the cancellation.

You take part in the tour at your own risk.

You are responsable for your own travel-, cancellation-  or riskinsurance.

We cannot be held responsable for any loss as a result of delays whatsoever during the tour.

For all tours applies the following:
* costs exclude entrance fees

* most museums  allow a maximum amount of participants per group: you will be informed accordingly.

* bike tours: Max. 15 persons

* costs exclude  € 1,50 per person entertainment tax for Amsterdam

* Amsterdam: max. 15 persons

* costs exclude travel costs for the guide: to be informed, depending on  start/end location of the tour