About Dordrecht

Visit this hidden treasure, away from the crowds.  

We will show you a beautifully preserved historic city centre. Former warehouses line the old port which brings into memory the old days where the ships would unload their goods. In Dutch history Dordrechts’ role has been crucial during the first free assembly of States of the upcoming Dutch Republic in 1572. In this meeting the organization and financing of the Dutch rebellion against the Spanish occupation was discussed. William of Orange was chosen as the rightful Stadtholder: an important step towards an independant Dutch Republic! The former Island of Dordrecht overlooks three rivers: Merwede, Oude Maas en Noord which is exactly what Albert Cuyp loved and painted in the 17th century. The old ports and layout of the city seem to be untouched: they breathe a rich past and charming present. Guided tours the Netherlands Holland Bike tours Story telling Dordrecht

Dordrecht – Walk

You will stroll through streets lined with numerous monuments dating as far back as to the 16th century. You may admire the beautiful City gate Grootshoofdpoort overlooking  3 rivers. You will cross lots of canals and beautiful bridges.  Dordrecht has charming courtyards to be discovered during your walk. Numerous cosy, creative shops are there to be discovered as well.

€ 181,50 incl. VAT

2 hrs.

25 max*